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Our wonderful Club was kicked off as Lochinvar Rovers Junior Soccer Club by 3 families in 1975.

Thanks to Albert and Wendy Doel, John and Judy McLauchlan and Nan and Bill Lamb who gained permission to play their early seasons at the St Patrick’s school oval until the grounds at Lochinvar Sports Complex were built.Β  Albert, John, Des Maher and Jack Lane (Cricket) worked with Jack Peters from Maitland City Council to establish the current grounds.

Mission Statement

To promote, encourage and develop the playing and enjoyment of Football in the Lochinvar and surrounding community creating a welcoming and fun environment for all who visit our club including volunteers, players, referees, coaches, managers, spectators and the local community.Β 

Vision Statement

Lochinvar Rovers will be a family friendly club where the local community can be involved at all levels of the game catering for all abilities, ages and genders.  

The club will foster friendly relations between the officials and players of Football ensuring the prevention of racial, religious, gender, physical and mental disability or political discrimination or distinction amongst the Rovers family and community. 
The members will develop a club well connected and integrated into the local community working closely with schools, government bodies, other football clubs, other sporting clubs (
Eg. Lochinvar Cricket) and community groups including Lochinvar Rural Fire Brigade.

Volunteers, coaches and players will be supported to grow and learn their knowledge and capabilities often translating to life outside of the Rovers.

Lisa Duhig - Sponsors - Lochinvar Rovers Football Club

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Lisa Duhig - Sponsors - Lochinvar Rovers Football Club

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